My years of training both as a Jungian Analyst and a Psychotherapist have helped me develop an approach to therapy which is creative, collaborative and pragmatic.
I am a qualified, experienced psychotherapist registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British Psychoanalytic Council BPC. I am also a member of the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling FPC, the professional body of WPF therapy in London Bridge. 
Currently I am training with the Society of Analytical Psychology as a Jungian Analyst. Jungian Analysis works from the premise that we are all born with unique potential. The analytic process involves working with dreams and unravelling the blocks that hold us back from development. The belief that we relate to something larger than our conscious personality is key to Jungian psychology and gives the work a spiritual dimension.   
 If you are looking for something more practical and short term, I’m an accredited practitioner of Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy which is a time limited therapy for anxiety and depression. It works with unconscious repeating patterns which may be holding you back from making necessary changes.
I am particularly interested in addiction and its impact on families. I am a media volunteer for the National Association for Children of Alcoholics NCOA. I am familiar with the challenges of long term recovery from addiction. The psychology of addiction is a research interest of mine.  
I am also an experienced supervisor who can bring a Jungian dimension to psychotherapeutic work. 

I am a co founder and director of London APC, a psychotherapy clinic based in central London.